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Since establishing Bloom Hill Ltd. in 2011, we have been undertaking accounting, tax consulting, and controlling assignments. We are currently waiting for our clients and offer our assistance in two offices – in Budapest and Pécs.

The company’s activities have focused on delivering high-quality work and satisfying individual customer needs from the very beginning. Therefore, our company has worked closely with our partners at Németh és Timár Attorneys at Law.

This partnership guarantees that our clients receive appropriate in-house assistance, even with more complex tax issues or disputes with the tax authorities.

The company’s tax consultancy service has further strengthened in recent years, as the previously ad hoc cooperation with Gacsal Ádám, a tax consultant and his staff, has been replaced by a merger and partnership since 2021.

As a result of this merger, Gacsal Ádám became the head of the tax consulting business.

The collaboration has lived up to its promise, as our consulting team has been successful in projects that require tax advice for medium and large companies.


Gacsal Ádám

Gacsal Ádám

I began my career in the late 2000s at the Hungarian tax authority as a tax inspector. Here, I mainly conducted comprehensive tax audits of companies for all major types of taxes.

After that, I worked in the corporate tax department of the Ministry of National Economy (today, the Ministry of Finance).

The experience gained on working for budgeting and, last but not least, the personal connections I have built proved to be very valuable in my later career.

After years spent in the public sector, I switched to the private sector. First, I continued as a tax expert at Telenor, a Hungarian telecommunications company. Then I worked in the banking sector as a tax advisor to MKB bank and in the energy sector as a tax expert for E.ON.

While working for large companies, I have gained experience in several areas, such as:

  • answering complex tax questions related to VAT and PIT
  • transfer pricing
  • planning out employee incentives from a taxation perspective
  • international taxation
  • preparing resolution requests and expert opinions
  • managing tax audits and keeping contact with tax authorities
  • executing legal changes in practice
  • working out the financial support aspects of IT systems development
  • applying for and using tax benefits
  • developing effective tax structures for companies
  • assessing taxation aspects of contracts

I have been consciously preparing to pursue my professional career as an independent tax consultant and building my clientele for the last five years. Given that taxation and accounting go hand in hand, I set up and created an accounting firm as the next logical step. In providing accounting services, I have tried to translate the benefits of the corporate mindset into services for small businesses. I am continuously trying to put myself in my clients’ position to see what I would expect in a reverse situation.

I believe that satisfied customers are the best advertisement, so I built my portfolio through the recommendations of my existing clientele. After several years of close cooperation, we now have the opportunity to continue to work as a team with Bloom Hill Ltd., pooling our present resources and professional knowledge to make a better team together. .

Dr. Németh András

dr. Németh András

I graduated "Summa cum Laude" from the University of Pécs at the Faculty of Law.

I mainly performed the mandatory traineeship required to take the bar exam as a trainee attorney while acquiring additional experience working as a legal trainee and for rights advocacy organisations.
After completing the bar exam, I founded Németh and Tímár Attorneys at Law with dr. András Tímár.

In addition to representing general civil law cases, my main areas of expertise are trade and economic law and the representation of companies in tax law disputes. In the latter case, we act with outstanding efficiency against the tax authorities with our team of tax consultants.

My guiding principles are accuracy and reliability, and I am always committed to work based on the highest professional standards. In addition, my skills in legal English allow me to deal with foreign clients and provide legal representation in international cases.

Dr. Németh András
Dr. Tímár András

Dr. Tímár András

I obtained my law degree at the University of Pécs at the Faculty of Law. After completing the bar exam with dr. András Németh I founded, and I am still a member of Németh and Tímár Attorneys at Law.

As a second-generation lawyer, I began to put great emphasis on gathering practical experience during my law school years.

As an attorney, I still aim to expand my knowledge constantly. Thus, besides focusing on civil law, I became an expert in non-profit law and a successful criminal defence lawyer.

I like challenges and believe that creativity is the key to success as an attorney. My colleagues and clients consider me a hardworking, persistent and energetic person who is inspired by competitive situations.

Dr. Krausz Róbert

dr. Krausz Róbert

I have started to study law at the University of Pécs in 1999. In addition to receiving theoretical training, I also focused intensely on developing my practical knowledge. Therefore until I graduated from law school in the late 2000s, I undertook voluntary legal work at renowned law firms in Pécs and Budapest.

My legal practice focuses on business law, financial law and tax law consulting for companies.

I have over 15 years of experience in resolving crises for medium and large enterprises.

My expertise is in claims management, in management of bankruptcy and liquidation procedures and complex M&A (company or branch/division merger and acquisition) proceedings.

I deal with legal and economic issues when buying or selling a company. The challenge inherent in their complexity motivates me as an attorney, so the parties can genuinely believe in a win-win situation at the end of the transaction.

In my practice as a lawyer, I have often found that clients seek answers to their legal and financial questions simultaneously.

All economic actors need complex legal, accounting, financial and tax solutions.

Every service in one place, at an affordable price and on time can only be achieved by coordinating these services. This idea is a proven solution for multinational companies, but it should also be adapted to the level of small and medium companies. By realising this goal, the clients do not have to go to a lawyer and accountant separately, but they can resolve issues in one place and with a unified plan.

This acknowledgement brought Bloom Hill Ltd. forth in 2011, and I have been a strategic partner of the company since its inception and acted as its managing director for many years. In addition, I support Bloom Hill clients with professional advice and by exploring effective financial and legal solutions.

Dr. Krausz Róbert

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Schmidt Kitti


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Királyné Begovácz Judit

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Strácz Tamás

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